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Published on mars 16, 2016

Lifetime traffic and maps

photoReal junctions view

You get HD traffic.  Every 30 seconds, you’ll get a traffic signal.

You can preview routes before clicking GO. you know exactly the distance by the road (instead as the crow flies)

Screen is 5.0 inches

Depth : 0.7 inch

This is a capacitive touch screen so you can pinch to zoom and have swipe gesture

Has voice commands

The traffic receiver is built in the GPS (in the past, it was on the DC charger)

Internal storage is 7 gigabytes in size. You get more than enough space for future map updates.

Garmin real directions

Foursquare integration: Login to Foursquare on the smartphone link app to access personalized suggestions. Features you get with foursquare: best nearby, check in and trending

Nuvi 2589, 2689 and 2789 are the same except for the HD traffic

Nuvi 2539, 2639 are the same except for the HDtraffic, voice commands and bluetooth

Night mode

You can select different themes for changing the map colors

you can pair with smart link to get the photoLive (live traffic images) option on the map

ecoRoute can be used with external peripherals plugging on the odb

you can avoid custom area or custom road

portrait or landscape mode ( need to change manually )

you can keep track of your travel history with the Where’s i’ve been feature

trip planner

Last spot feature let you find where you parked your car

With the smartlink app, you can get the weather on your GPS (need to pay for advanced weather). There’s other services provided by the smartlink app you need to pay for too : photoLive and Live traffic.

From the smartlink app, you can see your saved and recent places in the GPS. Interesting feature is the voice command in the smartlink app : you can send the place you found after that in your GPS.

advanced weather : receive severe weather alerts, view a road conditions map, and view an animated radar map. Colors show different types of precipitation such as rain and snow to help you avoid unfavorable conditions while driving. Weather alerts and road conditions are only available in certain areas. $4.99

photoLive : receive live traffic camera images of major roadways in select metro areas. Keep an eye on traffic conditions along your route with live photographic images of the road ahead from more than 10000 traffic video cameras across the U.S and Canada. Not available in AL, AK, AR, HI, MS, MT, NH, NM, ND, OK, RI, SD, TX, VT, and WV. $4.99

Live Traffic (North America): Receive the best-in-class, real-time traffic information to help you avoid traffic delays during your next trip. Services are available in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. $19.99

you can get notified when new software and map updates are available.

you can choose what you want on the right side of the map: Stop, Change route, Up Ahead (gas station, restroom and restaurant icon available), Trip Data (moving average speed, moving time), Volume, Brightness, Traffic and Weather

Speed limit indicator on the map

On the map, you see the road you’re in and the road you need to take next.

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