How to use Garmin Express02:34

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Published on mars 17, 2016

Go to

Download the software for Mac or Windows

Install it.

Register your device if you want special promo.

You’ll see available software and map updates.

You’ll be able to install with a simple click

If there’s not enough available space, you must choose a region (or buy a memory card)

Regions you can choose : US & Canada, Lower 49 states, Southern US & Mexico, West, East, Lower 49 states SW, Lower 49 states NW, Lower 49 states SE, Lower 49 states NE, Canada + Border States, Full Coverage of North America

From Garmin Express, you can get all the manuals and Quickstart guide for your device (click the device tab)

You can use Garmin Express to backup your data and install new voices

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