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Published on septembre 7, 2016

perfect for kayakers, sailors and power boaters

high sensitivity GPS receiver

provide accurate position, speed and course data

Quatix enter waypoints, records tracks and can show position on moving map screen

temperature sensor, barometric sensor,

give you precise tide datas

electronic 3 axis compass provides accurate heading informations

profiles : sailing will show GPS speed and heading. you can create a virtual starting line and the quatix will assist you to pass the line at the correct time. It has tak assist too.

Quatix has a powerboat profile. you can set arrival alert or anchored regular alert. you can see autopilot (GHC 10,20) information data on the Quatix. It can also control the autopilot right from the Quatix. Can also receive GNT10 data (wind speed, water temperature, man overboard function)


Quatix can be charged from the laptop.

Homeport PC software can transfer waypoints, routes and tracks from the Quatix.

Can be paired with a Ipad for transferring data to the Homeport Apps on IOS.

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